The emotional story of Blossom’s Miracle Baby “Shubhra”

I must have done hundreds of IVF treatments for simple to difficult infertility cases during my career as a fertility expert of 10 plus years and might have achieved many successful outcomes in most unfavorable cases too. but today I feel my job the most gratifying one when I am sharing the inspiring success story of Mrs. Manisha(42 years) and Mr. Ram Devange(45 years) from Dahanu. The couple lost their 17 years old son in an accident and after that their exhausting fertility treatment journey started to bring him back in this world in the form of his new sibling. To fulfill their desire, the couple had undergone “13”  failed IVF cycles &  this week, the tedious and stressful journey had a happy ending with an arrival of a sweet baby “ Shubhra” in the lives of Mrs. Manisha  & Mr. Ram by their 14th IVF attempt.

Hats off to their strong wish will power, patience and trust in me and my team.

भगवान के घर देर है,अंधेर नहीं।

GOD Exists!

Mrs.Manisha & Mr.Ram devange