All Medical Professionals come across this moment many times in Life when patients express the gratitude for helping them out to cure their severe health issues or to save them from life-threatening medical emergencies or to make their dreams of parenthood real..but I believe, it is actually some supreme power that controls the outcome of everything which doctor has provided. And for me, all forms of expression of gratitude by my patients are   God’s blessings. Thank you almighty for giving me such numerous opportunities to feel the EXISTENCE OF GOD!

Today I am sharing an inspiring success story of Mrs. Vikisha Keyur Patel, Palsana, age 27 years & married for 5 years - which made my this belief stronger that GOD EXISTS-

She is suffering from, a blood related medical disorder-Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). This is a disorder that can lead to easy or excessive bruising and bleeding. The bleeding results from unusually low levels of platelets — the cells that help blood clot. Maternal platelet counts can fall during any time of pregnancy period, leading to life-threatening bleeding.

As the couple was very keen to have a baby and as she was suffering from infertility due to her severe PCO problem, We did her IVF @  Blossom IVF center,luckily she conceived in the 1st attempt and now she is a proud mother of a cute little baby girl.

The case is very special to us as due to her medical problem, her platelet count started falling to dangerously low levels (less than 10,000) from the 5th month leading to bleeding and did not respond to medical treatment. So, Laparoscopic splenectomy was performed at 24-26 weeks of pregnancy, which also did not respond well and then almost 12 vials of Immunoglobins were given to bring her platelets to a normal level, so that we can continue this precious pregnancy. Because of all these maternal complications, Fluid around the baby started decreasing and intrauterine growth retardation of the baby started. Mrs. Vikisha was hospitalized for her and her baby’s problems almost half of her pregnancy duration to various hospitals.

Ultimately, we had to deliver the baby at 32-33 weeks, when she was only 1600 gms weight & today this cute 15 days old baby and her fighter mom visited us to express their gratitude...

Team Blossom and Team Rupal Hospital are feeling blessed to make  Mrs. Vikisha and Mr. Keyur Patel’s nearly impossible dreams of parenthood real.

Mrs. Vikisha & Mr. Keyur patel